Medical, Laboratory & Technology Consultants, headquartered in Washington DC, has expanded our global reach and is opening our first office on the African Continent. The historic capital of Wndhoek, Namibia provides the perfect lauchpad for our digital global education inititatives. MLT Consultants' founder and President Prof. Maria Hardy works closely with domestic and international partners to ensure succesful completion of goals and objectives. Director Dr. Chris Hikuam, founder of Namib Health Consultancies, leads our in-country operations and has extensive experience in medical laboratory education.


Medical, Laboratory & Technology Consultants’ Strategic goal is to increase healthcare access for isolated populations, improve cost efficiency associated with health services, and advance the use of technology in the provision of health services. We aim to achieve these goals by improving the quality of existing healthcare services, building Namibian capacity together with international partnerships while leveraging off of innovative technological advances.


Medical, Laboratory & Technology Consultants, a Women Owned Small Business, utilized African Diaspora Marketplace III technical assistance grant funds to expand partnership opportunities and job growth at their new office by providing continuing education to healthcare professionals on the African continent. Our company was among seven chosen to be awarded out of 400 applicants. US-based Entrepreneurs were honored and awarded grant packages by African Diaspora Marketplace (ADM) III, for their innovative ideas and approaches to promote economic growth in eight countries in sub-Saharan Africa under a collaboration between the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Western Union Company. CEO Professor Maria Hardy states, "These funds will support this multi-year effort and are much needed to build capacity in technology driven learning for all members of the healthcare community."












Health Education and Training

Consultation on institutional training requirements

Accredited Training with pre-developed and customizable materials


Technical Consulting, Assessments and Advisory Services

Due diligence Standard Operating procedures

Proficiency Testing, External/Internal Quality Assessment Support

Independent/Confidential laboratory assessments

Accreditation Technical Support (SADCAS, SLMTA/SLIPTA, ISO)


Organizational Management Support

Health Project Management - Financial Analysis and Planning

Human Resources Management


Health Information, Communication and Technology (ICT)

Implementation and support of Health Information Systems/ Laboratory Information Systems

Telemedicine – Telepathology, Slide, Data and Imaging Support



Since 2009 Medical, Laboratory & Technology Consultants has been a global leader in medical and laboratory science regulatory, scientific and technical advising.


Education and Training Division of Medical, Laboratory & Technology Consultants

Dr. Chris Hikuam

Prof. Maria Hardy